Holidays to Sorrento in July 2014

Here is a list of holidays available to the resort of Sorrento departing in the period between 27th July and 31st July, 2014. The cheapest holiday we could find is to Hotel La Meridiana in Sorrento, Neapolitan Riviera on a half board basis. This holiday departs from East Midlands airport on 28th July. The cost for this holiday is £527 per person based on the accomodation being shared by 2 persons. If you want more information or to proceed with a holiday booking please click the INFO link situated to the left of the individual holiday details to proceed to the tour operators site. Please note that availability and prices we show are based on a recent feed received from the tour operator and prices are subject to change. Any variation in prices or availability will be shown on the tour operators site.

Info Price Departs Nights Departure Airport Accomodation Share Basis Board Rating Resort Destination
INFO£52728 Jul07EMAHotel La Meridiana2Half Board3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£56228 Jul07BHXHotel La Meridiana2Half Board3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£57028 Jul07EMAGrand Hotel Flora 3Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£58328 Jul07EMAHotel Capri 3Bed & Breakfast3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£59628 Jul07BHXGrand Hotel Flora 3Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£62828 Jul07BHXHotel Capri 3Bed & Breakfast3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£62828 Jul07EMAHotel Admiral 2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£64628 Jul07BHXHotel Admiral 2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£65228 Jul07EMAHotel Conca Park2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£66828 Jul07MANHotel La Meridiana2Half Board3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£69128 Jul07BHXHotel Conca Park2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£69628 Jul07MANGrand Hotel Flora 3Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£72728 Jul07MANHotel Capri 3Bed & Breakfast3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£74728 Jul14MANHotel La Meridiana2Half Board3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£74828 Jul07MANHotel Admiral 2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£74928 Jul14EMAHotel La Meridiana2Half Board3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£75528 Jul14BRSHotel La Meridiana2Half Board3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£78728 Jul07MANHotel Conca Park2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£82928 Jul14MANGrand Hotel Flora 3Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£86528 Jul14EMAHotel Capri 3Bed & Breakfast3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£86528 Jul14MANHotel Capri 3Bed & Breakfast3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£86728 Jul14BRSHotel Capri 3Bed & Breakfast3SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£86828 Jul14EMAGrand Hotel Flora 3Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£87328 Jul14BRSGrand Hotel Flora 3Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£88728 Jul07EMAGrand Hotel President 3Half Board5SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£96628 Jul14MANHotel Admiral 2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£96828 Jul07BHXGrand Hotel President 3Half Board5SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£97628 Jul14EMAHotel Admiral 2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£98028 Jul14BRSHotel Admiral 2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£102828 Jul07MANGrand Hotel President 3Half Board5SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£114128 Jul14MANHotel Conca Park2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£114328 Jul14EMAHotel Conca Park2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera
INFO£114528 Jul14BRSHotel Conca Park2Half Board4SorrentoNeapolitan Riviera